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ASES Webinar: How to Accelerate Global Adoption of Solar Energy using Cutting-Edge Scientific Advancements
Global adoption of solar radiation has seen tremendous success. Falling cost of generation technologies and market incentives have largely underpinned that success. However, further acceleration of global adoption is already facing challenges, particularly from the standpoint of diminishing market incentives and reduced investments. New avenues to sustain and accelerate that adoption need to be constantly developed. One such avenue is about improving the way we determine available solar resources up to the current time and for forecasting using new advances in numerical weather prediction (NWP) science.

Current observations of solar radiation at the surface and models to incorporate cloud effects overly rely on small amounts of state variable measurements. Paradigm shift is needed to produce robust data for analysis and forecasting for all weather/climate variables and solar radiation is no exception for that type of critically important modeling capabilities. Solar radiation is currently attempted to be understood by measuring it using satellites that capture reflected solar radiation from cloud tops or the surface (when clouds are not present). The effects of the atmosphere on the solar radiation reaching the ground are estimated using models of aerosols, water vapor and other atmospheric content. Although such models have improved in their sophistication in the recent decade, three-dimensional, layered, and mixed-phase cloud effects, for example, are not. Even such spotty observations are unavailable when it comes to predicting the future (forecasting).

The RESPR technology solutions based on the Stalker method for CFD/NWP modeling will be discussed in this webinar for all three phases of site selection/design, project operation, and project evaluation/feedback.

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Nov 16, 2021 12:00 PM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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