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December ASES Webinar: Solar Powered EVs-The Next Step in Sustainable Transportation
EVs have only been widely available for a short time, but they may soon be eclipsed by the new technology of Solar EVs. This solar eclipse will start in 2023 as several SEVs will be available for consumers then. These SEVs have built-in solar panels which produce enough electricity for many people to drive daily without requiring any external source of electricity. For road trips or owners who have long commutes, SEVs can be plugged in to charge the battery, like a normal EV, and then topped off daily with the sun. Solar range is accomplished by engineering for weight, aerodynamics, and friction.

SEVs have a lower carbon footprint than EVs because they produce their own energy and are extremely efficient. They are also ideal for owners who don't have home charging.

This presentation will introduce SEVs and show how you can become an SEV owner.

Dec 7, 2022 02:00 PM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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